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Why Radio and TV Jingles?

Live from Music City, USA — It’s time to introduce you to the commercial jingle of your dreams. This is where affordable jingles meet top quality jingles and your hopes for a jingle the world will sing along with comes to life.

With a Radio and TV Jingles you get the best writers, the best pickers, players and singers and a variety of world-class recording studios for the production and mastering of your finished product.

Recording artist Lorrie Morgan and former Ad Exec Marty Morgan launched this state of the art jingle service in 2010 because they believe “no one deserves a ho-hum jingle.” So it is our goal with every single radio or TV jingle we create, or with every sonic treatment or sound design we compose to provide ONLY the freshest, most memorable, in fact, THE MOST Unforgettable Music that we can possibly deliver. We never settle for a second fiddle jingle, TV show theme song or sound design and neither should you.

• The Process
• Pricing
• Production Options

On this website, we will describe for you how the creative process works and what is involved with incubation stage of jingle development. We think it’s important for you to know how are commercials proceed from input, to concept, to presentation, to the demonstration stage and finally reach the studio where they take on the magic and shine that make them uniquely persuasive and distinctively memorable.

New customers always ask, “How does all this work?” So you will find full discussion of that very topic outlined in detail in our “How it Works” section. It’s not every day you embark on such a fascinating journey as the creation of your own custom music or song for your business so this will understand what to expect, what questions to ask and Unlike many jingle services our music creation and production is determined by what you can afford to spend.

That’s right, at Radio and TV Jingles, you help determine the budget. And we never skimp on production value for clients who can’t afford full band or orchestral arrangements. We want one banjo and solo singer to sound as good to the ear as a full vocal group with 20 piece band. It’s not how many singers, pickers, and players that perform on your jingle or jingles that determine how great it sounds…It’s HOW they perform that matters. And because we offer FLEXPRICE pricing, we will work to accommodate practically any budget. Of course, the broadcast distribution area and the size of the client’s sales and marketing budgets are always taken into consideration on each project.

We would like to get to know us. So we’ve included sections on our background, our former and current clients, our key creative team and client philosophy.

Our Music Library and Existing Themes Might Be Just Right for You!

If you can describe a sound idea, chances are we have something similar or exactly like that in our music and sound library, so we have a section of the site where you browse samples or create a “sound prospective’ describing in detail the sound design or musical treatment you wish for our team to create.

Whether you need to us create a catchy one-liner, a singing phone number, a thunderous rocking anthem or a little hillbilly ditty for a once a year promotion, our composers and producers have the stuff you are looking for. If your needs are as simple as repeating musical loop for an in-store background track to create an atmosphere or an epic theatrical piece of music for rolling out a new national product on network television, you want originality, sonic quality and the best clarity and delivery available. AND THAT is who we are.

Choose Radio and TV Jingles for your next commercial, documentary, podcast, video game, retail jingle, theme song, new media presentation, tradeshow music, station id packaging, imaging campaign or simple call on hold messaging…If it has music and words in it, or just sound themes and polished noise, you’ve come to the right place.

Please explore this site and call us at any time if you need more information, clarifications or just want to chat. We love getting to know people from all walks of life and from all over the world. It’s why we’re here.

Music…It’s What Brings Us Together.