How it Works

If you’re wondering how getting a jingle for your project works you’ve come to the right place. It’s a simple process but simple doesn’t mean boring. The beauty of creative is that it is anything but boring.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already completed the first step. Knowing that you need or want a jingle for something. Now that you know what it is for reach out to us and let us know what your timeline is for this project.

Since our jingle packages can be custom fit to any budget lets talk about what your budget is. The sooner we get that out of the way the sooner we can get to the fun part. Creative. Don’t get me wrong, we want your business and the quality jingles we create aren’t always born from fun and games, I’m just saying it’s always best to get the money dealt with up front so everyone can focus on the end product.

Let us know what you need and if you don’t know what you need let us know that too! We’ve been doing this along time and our work speaks for itself. You’re in good hands.

After you’ve requested a quote we’ll respond back with our vision of meeting your jingle needs.

Your jingle package from The Redhotjingle Company can be configured in a variety of ways. Please carefully consider your needs when you specify your end use requirements so we can provide you with the mixes and formats best suited for the usages you anticipate.


Full Sing (vocal throughout)
Half Sing (vocals for the first half only)
Doughnut (vocals and the beginning and the end only)
Open Front (vocal at the end only)
Open Tag
Instrumental or Music Only
Lengths (:15, :30 or :60 )
Variety of Music Genres or
Single Genre Only

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