Jingles for TV


We are.

Our writers and producers always agree on one thing: When it comes to making a jingle that truly attracts the big fish, The Hook Is King. Even when dealing with TV. One difference is that with TV your audio has to fit just right when the video on the screen. I’m not talking about the syncing, which is important unless you enjoy watching old episodes of Godzilla in between your favorite shows. I’m talking talking about the message, the choice of the backing track, the atmosphere, the sound fx, the voice over, ect… It all works together and it all needs to make sense.

Radio jingles are complex in their own way but one thing a radio jingle doesn’t have to deal with that a tv jingle does is video. If you don’t get this right, if the audio and video don’t work to one another’s strengths then your messaging is lost. At that point you’d wish you were blowing your budget on a wild weekend in Mexico riding dolphins before your boss finds out.

So before we go about generating your red hot advertising jingle, you can be certain that we will be doing some serious research; coming up with the right hook won’t just be a matter of luck.

We will ask a lot of questions about your customer, your niche in the marketplace, your USP (unique selling proposition), your competition, your primary and secondary marketing objectives. Who buys your product and why? How often do they buy? What is your share of market?

If you are an ad agency or sophisticated marketer, these key factors regarding your marketing insights are easy to access. If you are a smaller business without the benefit of a professional marketing firm, RedHot will help you go through the discovery process and pinpoint a strategy that will generate an award winning hook. (hear some or our favorite jingle hooks)