Radio Jingles

The driving force behind our special brand of creative music for marketing is an experienced ad man who has spent his career specializing in messaging for marketing. That man is founder and creative director, Marty Morgan.

Marty, a talented songwriter and musical craftsman in his own right, has over 20 years experience as a veteran advertising copywriter, creative director, and later as a national marketing director. His first goal regarding your effective advertising jingle is to narrow down your message to one or two key statements that differentiate you from the rest of the world. Turning that unique selling point or value proposition into a RedHot Hook with an emotional core is why we think we offer the best jingles money can buy.

Our executive partner and creative supervisor is world renown recording artist, Lorrie Morgan, a platinum selling country music performer with a host of industry awards from Grammies to CMAs . Lorrie’s role is to help guide the creative product and song content of all RedHot compositions as well as oversee the final quality of every mastered production prior to client delivery. She collaborates on numerous RedHot projects from concept to completion depending on her availability and schedule. Lorrie’s personal and professional connections to hundreds of top session players and singers helps RedHot Radio draw from a talent pool that is rich with diversity and excellence. We have a depth of top grade performers we pick from which few companies in the industry can boast. (LORRIE MORGAN HIT RECORDS)

Director of musical production, Mark Oliverius brings a musical acumen to the studio that few in the industry can match. Composer, keyboard master, and executive record producer for such recording artists as Lorrie Morgan and Joe Diffie, Mark’s skillful interpretation and masterful arrangements give RedHot productions the flair and presence of nationally produced commercial records. What Marty, Lorrie and Mark bring to the table is a unique chemistry that puts music for marketing to work to help drive your sales off the chart. It’s a combination that creates music which builds a genuine emotional bond between your product and/or services and your customers.